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Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Big Flat Bed CNC Turning Center suitable for large chucker jobs, Machine available with Pneumatic and hydraulic Clamping device, Max. Swing over Bed is 500 mm,Machine can automatically process the inside and outside cylinder surface, cone surface etc
TACH Slant Bed CNC Turning centers

Slant Bed CNC Lathe

45 Deg slant bed CNC turning centers suitable for for turning precise turned parts, machines available with tooling options of 8/12 station turrets and linear tooling. Servo motor Driven spindle , Hydraulic chuck & tailstock for rigid clamping.
Flat bed CNC turning center

Small Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Small flat CNC turning centers for turning small simple Chucker jobs, bar feeding available, machines availble with clamping options like Pnuematic collet , hydraulic chuck, Linear tooling Or gang type tooling facilitates less cycle time, suitable
GAP Bed CNC Lathe

Special Purpose CNC Lathe

A Gap-Bed CNC lathe machine is one a Special Purpose machine perfect for turning large diameter pulleys, machining Small end and Large end of automotive connecting rods. Machines available with hydraulic Chuck for rigid clamping.
Swiss Type CNC Lathe

Swiss Type CNC Lathe

Swiss Type CNC lathe Machine or Spindle Movable type CNC turning machines, suits turning of Small diameter components which require high accuracy, small electronic components, wrist watch parts etc. can be easily manufactured on this Machine.
Turret CNC Lathe

Turret CNC Lathe

CNC turning centers with turrets (4 station tool Post),perfect for center to center turning with 4 tools or less, Box guides for heavy machining . Servo motor driven spindle, Hydraulic chuck & tailstock for rigid clamping.
Vertical Turning Lathe

Vertical Turning Lathe

Vertical Turning lathe features a rigid and stable performance for heavy cutting | VTL machine available with Small, medium and large turret style vertical turning center | Machine tools with high speed, high torque, high rigidity etc.
CNC Turn-Mill Center

CNC Turn Mill Centers

CNC Turn-mill center, with live tools and C-Axis interpolation on spindle makes this machine suitable for machining components that require operation like : end milling, Slotting, side drilling & tapping. High speed and High accurate machine.
Die Mould Making CNC Machine

Die & Mould Making CNC Milling

Vertical Machining center for machining Dies and moulds of aluminium PDC & Zinc PDC , moulds of plastic & rubber components, machines available with 8000 Spinlde RPM and Without ATC. Which makes machines perfect for Dies & mould applications.
Gantry Type VMC

Gantry Type CNC Milling

Gantry type or bridge type Vertical machining center, suitable for machining big casings of automotive assemblies, machines available with different tables sizes, BT50 spindle sui heavy machining, high spindle RPM facilitates high surface finish.
Mini CNC Milling

Mini CNC Mill

CNC Mini-Milling machine for machining small auto parts at high production rate, Economical 3 axis machining centers for small production jobs, machines available with ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
Vertical Machining centers

Vertical Machining Centers

Highly precise Vertical Machining center working on Repeatability accuracy of +/- 0.003mm, Machine available with different table sizes, and ATC options.High rapid traverse of 30/30/24 M/mins facilitates to work under high production loads.
Horizontal Machining centers

Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining centers with different table sizes, heavy duty HMCs for machining large castings and automotive assemblies. High Quality machines at economical prices, machines available with ATC, Pallet changer & chip conveyor options.
Laser marking machine

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking machine can be used marking batch codes, serial numbers, logos on variety of materials like glass, metal, rubber etc. Laser marking machines have a great application in components where precise marking is required.
Dot pin marking machine

Dot Pin Marking Machine

Dot Pin marking machine used for precise marking of various kinds of logos, Batch codes, serial numbers on metal products, usually machine used for marking industrial and house hold component with precise marking.
Etching Marking Machines

Metal Etching Marking Machines

This is a metal marking machine which mark permanently without any distortion, machine is perfect for marking stainless steel, alloys, brass, bronze, aluminium and copper etc, this technique is capable of making high quality logos, part number etc

DC 6040D

CNC Engraving machine in compact design with High Spindle RPM upto 24000 which facilitates high surface finish. LM Guide ways and Ball-screws facilitates high speed, accuracy and precised work.

DC 6060A

Heavy Duty High speed CNC engraving/milling machine with U-frame structure facilitates with High speed spindle RPM upto 24000. LM guide ways and Ball-screws facilitates High speed, accuracy and precised work.

DC 8070A

Heavy duty CNC engraving/milling facilitates large 800*700*300 table size with upto 15000 rpm spindle speed. LM guide ways and Ball-screws facilitates 8KW spindle motor power, accuracy and precised work.
Cold Chamber auxiliaries

Cold Chamber Die Casting Auxiliaries

Aluminum Die casting auxiliaries to convert a conventional machine to a fully automatic die casting machine, Auto ladler for loading the molten aluminium, Auto Sprayer for Die coat spray and extractor for extracting the die-casted component.
Zinc die casting Machine

Zinc Pressure Die Casting Machines

PLC controlled Fully automatic Zinc pressure die casting machine, perfect for manufacturing sanitary faucet parts, auto parts , Zinc belt and shoe buckles. Size ranges from 7.5-450 ton. Unique hydraulic system facilitates high casting quality.
Aluminium Die Casting Machines

Aluminium Pressure Die Casting Machine

High quality imported Aluminium Die casting machine for casting of High quality Auto parts, Back cover of LED lights etc and many more High quality parts, Heavy duty machine for long life and trouble free operation. size ranges from 150-800 tons.
Hydraulic Double shaft machine

Hydraulic Double shaft machine

Hydraulic Double shaft Automatic machine is suitable for Mass Processing of spares parts in one steps, Machine is more stable with auto lubrication or high frequency Quenching, Workbench adopts cylinder with buffer, Machine has PLC controller
Water Seal Tester

Water Seal Tester

Machine is used to test the seals of Sanitary wares Using Pressured water, It uses 4 universal wheels for shifting, Machine has ability to Test different products by changing the clamping system.
Gravity Casting machine

Gravity Casting Machine

Gravity Casting Machine used to manufacture Various kinds of different Faucets with high surface finish, Machine is totally automatic with hydraulic system, Big size moulds of 450 mm can be mounted easily, High efficient working for high production.
Heat Core Shooting Machines

Heat Core Shooting Machines

Heat core Shooting machines used to manufacture various kinds of complex faucets parts with high surface finish, machine have a capacity of 3.2 kg sand, Machine is fully automatic has PLC based controller, Complex machining can be done easily.
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