2Marking are an important part for promotion of fire safety products manufacturers because it is not only for imprints but it also carries the information of company, Most of the manufacturers are using traditional ways for doing it like stickers, barcode, and hologram etc. but these all can be easily remove and replace which cannot protect your duplicity & all your quality credits added in the name of suppliers

3Second advancement which take place in marking is PUNCHING process which is time consuming but replaced the stickers of name and serial number but it cannot show your company logo and design & it also not very clear to display the quality so, Instead of Increasing the promotion it degrades.


Now as always EMTEX as a tool for Indian manufacturers launches machines accomplished with advance technology for marking process which can show your status on Promotional branding. In just 1.50 Lakhs many companies like FLAME GUARD INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., NEW TECH, NavNidhi Metalogs Pvt. Ltd., Andex Fire Works Using our Pin marking machines for their company name, part serial number, ISI Mark, logo, size etc. on Various Fire Safety components.

To know about prices or if you want any kind of marking on your metallic components but confuse to select the machine please call us on +918588867021 you can also fill your details in contact form our application Engineer will call you and give you best solution for your brand marking.
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Best Economical CNC Turning machine for small components of OD less than 100 mm

CNC Turning machine for small componentsIn the New Era of manufacturing small and precise components on small Lathe machines “Adda” manufacturers always facing issues of rejections because of accuracy. Now customers are moving towards quality products with accuracy on microns at cheaper prices which is a big challenge to Indian manufacturers from china.
Manufacturer in North India of sanitary brass handles, Telecom Industry connectors and connector pins with OD less than 100 mm & require 3-4 operations need to do different processes on multiple machines which takes double time to make lots.

But as always TACH Launches a New CNC Turning center “FGL135” as a solution to met such requirements In just 7.5 Lakhs, Machine assembled with 5 Inches hydraulic chuck, LM guide ways for faster rapid and accuracy and also CNC Controller with absolute encoders and then you can get all you need – high accuracy of 10 – 15 microns, Economical cost of manufacturing, high production rate.

Best Economical CNC Turning machine No ACE and LMW machine will be able to achieve such productivity at this cost
Quality and reliability of machine has been proved over years by many Companies In Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Delhi and Ludhiana they have been successfully using this machine as replacements of small lathe because of its capacity to do 80% of turning jobs & by getting rid of dependency on skilled lathe workers with higher rate of non-rejections.

If somebody want to get this machine on Loan, various finance companies like Intec capital, Electronica Finance, private banks would ask you for an EMI of 10-15 K for this machine.

All spares and service support is ready available at Emtex North India.

If not sure whether your component can be made on this machine or not, Take our application engineers help totally free. Just share you images of component through watsapp on +919999747294
Let us tell you more about machine

Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2015


TACH LOGO 318x60                                      Delhi Machine Tool Expo

                                                                        At National Capital,

Machine tool Expo 2015                                                 Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

                                                              From 20th – 23rd August 2015




Visit TACH INDIA at Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2015

Hall no. 10; Booth. B (103); 10:00am -6:00pm










TACH INDIA (Emtex Marketing Pvt. Ltd.) is a three decade old company offering high quality Indian and imported machines all over India.
Today TACH the brand symbolizes the new generation and incorporates the latest management tools in offering the most suitable solution for manufacturing to its innumerable customers. The services offered are complete turnkey solutions for manufacturing from selection of machines, their supply and installation and after sales service support. TACH further hand holds their customers even after the expiry of warranties by giving economically prices annual maintenance contract

TACH India would be showcasing their VMCs, CNC Turning and High speed CNC Engraving Machines, some other products that TACH team would be offering are laser marking machines, CNC controllers, EDMs, routers and special purpose machines.

The mega event will spearhead a wide range of opportunities for everyone connected to metal-cutting, machine tool users, researchers, budding engineers and technology graduates

We TACH INDIA Invites all to the launch of TACH range of machines during the Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2015

Be the first to witness latest technology entering Indian shores 

Free Exhibition passes


6th India Machine Tools Show 2015 (IMTOS)




6th India Machine Tools Show 2015(IMTOS)

At the National Capital,

IMTOS 2015   Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

From 4th to 7th July, 2015


Visit TACH INDIA at IMTOS 2015

Hall no. 12; Pavilion. 5; 10:00am -6:00pm





We always give support to Indian Manufacturers by giving advance machining because Industries in India have been given a major competition by the engineering sector as it is growing at the rate of 40%.

We TACH INDIA Invites all to the launch of TACH range of machines during the IMTOS show.


For free Exhibition passes

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When the point comes for quality & Production

Sanitary ware Industries in India for the last 6-7 years has shown very dramatic growth with major players doubling their production capacity. The Companies have also upgraded their manufacturing system. These Companies have also upgraded their quality and have introduced high value range in market, which has been accepted and appreciated.
The demand for sanitary ware in India is growing very fast. In order to educate the customers in India to go for quality products and also for higher value sanitary ware. The organized sectors produce fully vitrified sanitary wares, using latest technology and best of Ceramic Raw Materials available in India.

DL-Z450 B - Copy

TACH INDIA Providing opportunity to Indian Manufacturer of unorganized sectors to adopt High quality machines at Economical Prices to upgrade their convention machine. Since the availability of raw material is in abundance and also very cheap in the state of Gujarat & Rajasthan the cost of producing sanitary ware with high production in India is substantially low as compared to the advance countries. Which directly leads to Profit. Manufactures can export their product by availing facilities provided by TACH manufacturing directly to Global World.

Sanitary wares machines Include:-

Manufacturing machines

  • Gravity Die casting machine
  • Heat Core Shooting Machine
  • Vertical Band saw machine

Testing Machines

  • Water seal Tester
  • Housing Tightness Tester

why Still Lock’s Manufacturing is slow in india…??

Lock manufacturing industry is one of the most important, popular and employment oriented traditional cottage industries in India. Manufacturers using conventional machine which is basically labor dependent and time consuming to manufacture various kinds of locks that Include pad locks, cylindrical locks, mortice locks, door locks and more.

38 % of respondents felt most competitive manufacturers are from foreign they using advance machineries which work on program based controller, machine production is 50 times faster with 0.05 mm accuracy.


cylinder of lever stytemkey in


TACH offer Indian lock manufacturers to reconstruct their production status across the globe with Wide range of Advance machineries which are designed for high efficiency, labour – saving with Economical prices which boost up the old traditional methods.

Machines Include:-

  • Automatic drilling
  • Automatic cutting
  • Complete assembly line
  • Automatic Pin hole and cylinder manufacturing

We open the New world for you:-

To know our machines click below link –

India’s Biggest machinery show- IMTEX 2015

17-th Indian Biggest Machinery Exhibition “IMTEX 2015”

From 22 to 28 January,2015 at International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bangalore, India

Be the first to witness latest technology entering Indian shores, For free Exhibition passes

Register here


Visit TACH INDIA at IMTEX 2015


TACH INDIA (Emtex MarketTACH Introing Pvt. Ltd.) has a vision for the future which includes, offering opportunity to small and medium enterprise owners in India to globally position their products. In the effort of beating China in manufacturing, TACH INDIA always supports Indian manufacturers to source economical machines and supports them with reliable services. 

IMTEX showcases the largest number of imported machines from all across the globe making it a perfect venue for Indian manufacturers to source their future capital goods needs from here.

With the vision of exports, every manufacturer wants to understand what new trends have emerged in the market; IMTEX is the right place for finding the latest trends in machining, fixturing and tooling.

Many principles represented by TACH India would be showcasing their VMCs, CNC Turning and CNC Engraving Machines., some other products that TACH team would be offering are laser marking machines, CNC controllers, EDMs, routers and special purpose machines.

The mega event will spearhead a wide range of opportunities for everyone connected to metal-cutting, machine tool users, researchers, budding engineers and technology graduates.

With great pleasure we would like to invite our delighted customers and countless admirers to visit us at IMTEX 2015 in Hall –‘B’& Booth no. – ‘B 103’at International Exhibition centre (BEIC), Bangalore, India.


Imtex 2015 Organisers


Plan your machinery purchase for the “Good Days”!!

We all know the previous government of India did not do much to increase the Industrial Output of India, but things are definitely changing.

The following videos is a must watch and shows how every part of India is being developed for a country wide industrial growth.

It is high time that every factory owner starts planning for their machines. Tach India has also been preparing for the good days and is now offering many new kinds of CNC machinery besides the commonly used CNC turning and CNC Milling Machines.

In order to beat China, we have to opt for smarter ways of manufacturing and optimize of our resource utilization. The best way to start doing that is to visit IMTEX 2015, Bangalore which will give all the knowledge you need about new technologies in machines.

Tach India team will be IMTEX for all seven days and would be happy to meet you and help you in your selection of the machine.

If you have specific queries in mind, write to us.





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Cheapest Fibre Laser Marking!!

We all know that the marking process on various metallic and non metallic components has now become extremely important in order to create the necessary brand image. Chemical marking techniques and mechanical engravers have now become old technology giving slow production and non satisfactory finish. Sooner or later every faucet manufacturer, wrist watch dial makers, buckle makers, and many other CNC Job shops would need Laser marking machines.BODOR Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Since it is a hard known fact that India is a price sensitive market and in order to leave China behind in low cost manufacturing, manufacturers are always looking for cheap solutions.

20 W fibre laser marking has been the most well accepted product by many manufacturers but the price offered by Indian makers like Sahajanand , Swastik Laser, Agile, Markolaser has always been above Rs 10 Lacs.

It is mainly because all of them use GERMAN IPG or SPI laser which are one of the best in the market. The quality of the mark is also very good. But there is another truth that not all manufacturers want the best mark. Opting for china made laser course like Raycus and Maxphotonics is a reasonable choice considering it will definitely satisfy any marking need.

Tach India’s business development team has always been working hard on finding the genuine China manufacturers who start taking interest in the exports and offer competitive price. Tach has recently tied up with a Fibre laser manufacturer offering the 20W fibre laser marking machine at a price Rs 6,50,000/- + Excise.

We are sure that no company in India would be able to match that price and above all TACH engineers take full responsibility of giving support in every possible sense to their esteemed customer.

Hence anybody wanting to buy fibre laser marking machine, must check out our product and can then take the decision.

Let us know about your requirement. 





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Making of the brand HEADMAN CNC in India

Emtex started importing Headman machines in the year 2006. The were considered cheap China made machines at that time against the well established Indian CNC manufacturers like ACE , LMW and Jyoti.Headman HCL 300

However as the competition for CNC turned parts kept rising in the market and companies with low investment capacity wanted to enter the CNC Job work arena, they started opting for Headman Machines. Though these machine gave few electrical trouble in the beginning but eventually Emtex engineers learnt how to tackle them in the most efficient and effective manner.

Today more than 1000 Headman machines are running successfully in India across various cities. Almost every small chucker job is suitable for the most famous model of Headman HCL 300.  This machine has proved it quality and now even the operators with work experience on the GSK control system and Headman Machines are easily available.

There is no doubt in the fact that if anyone is looking for a cheap CNC lathe machine for a particular chucker job, HEADMAN HCL 300 and HCL 360 are the most suitable machines. Priced at less than 10 lacs,  any Indian machine manufacturer cannot simply cut costs to the level that it can compete Headman machines.

The doubt on quality of a typical Chinese machine has also become totally irrelevant in case of Headman. It now stands at par with many Indian CNC machines in terms of performance and quality.

Emtex engineers have reached the highest level of perfection in handling these machines and are now able to solve most of the problems telephonically saving the precious production time. The spares of the machines are available at very reasonable prices unlike other Indian brands like Jyoti, Macpower and Ace.


Though Headman has now upgraded itself and has started making super precision machines with level of accuracies under 2 microns,  their range of economic machines is also increasing.

EMTEX has also introduce a wide range of VMCs and CNC turning centers to suit various applications.

 Please visit to know more about our range. 

If you plan to buy a CNC Machine, let us know





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