Best Economical CNC Turning machine for small components of OD less than 100 mm

CNC Turning machine for small componentsIn the New Era of manufacturing small and precise components on small Lathe machines “Adda” manufacturers always facing issues of rejections because of accuracy. Now customers are moving towards quality products with accuracy on microns at cheaper prices which is a big challenge to Indian manufacturers from china.
Manufacturer in North India of sanitary brass handles, Telecom Industry connectors and connector pins with OD less than 100 mm & require 3-4 operations need to do different processes on multiple machines which takes double time to make lots.

But as always TACH Launches a New CNC Turning center “FGL135” as a solution to met such requirements In just 7.5 Lakhs, Machine assembled with 5 Inches hydraulic chuck, LM guide ways for faster rapid and accuracy and also CNC Controller with absolute encoders and then you can get all you need – high accuracy of 10 – 15 microns, Economical cost of manufacturing, high production rate.

Best Economical CNC Turning machine No ACE and LMW machine will be able to achieve such productivity at this cost
Quality and reliability of machine has been proved over years by many Companies In Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Delhi and Ludhiana they have been successfully using this machine as replacements of small lathe because of its capacity to do 80% of turning jobs & by getting rid of dependency on skilled lathe workers with higher rate of non-rejections.

If somebody want to get this machine on Loan, various finance companies like Intec capital, Electronica Finance, private banks would ask you for an EMI of 10-15 K for this machine.

All spares and service support is ready available at Emtex North India.

If not sure whether your component can be made on this machine or not, Take our application engineers help totally free. Just share you images of component through watsapp on +919999747294
Let us tell you more about machine

why Still Lock’s Manufacturing is slow in india…??

Lock manufacturing industry is one of the most important, popular and employment oriented traditional cottage industries in India. Manufacturers using conventional machine which is basically labor dependent and time consuming to manufacture various kinds of locks that Include pad locks, cylindrical locks, mortice locks, door locks and more.

38 % of respondents felt most competitive manufacturers are from foreign they using advance machineries which work on program based controller, machine production is 50 times faster with 0.05 mm accuracy.


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TACH offer Indian lock manufacturers to reconstruct their production status across the globe with Wide range of Advance machineries which are designed for high efficiency, labour – saving with Economical prices which boost up the old traditional methods.

Machines Include:-

  • Automatic drilling
  • Automatic cutting
  • Complete assembly line
  • Automatic Pin hole and cylinder manufacturing

We open the New world for you:-

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