2Marking are an important part for promotion of fire safety products manufacturers because it is not only for imprints but it also carries the information of company, Most of the manufacturers are using traditional ways for doing it like stickers, barcode, and hologram etc. but these all can be easily remove and replace which cannot protect your duplicity & all your quality credits added in the name of suppliers

3Second advancement which take place in marking is PUNCHING process which is time consuming but replaced the stickers of name and serial number but it cannot show your company logo and design & it also not very clear to display the quality so, Instead of Increasing the promotion it degrades.


Now as always EMTEX as a tool for Indian manufacturers launches machines accomplished with advance technology for marking process which can show your status on Promotional branding. In just 1.50 Lakhs many companies like FLAME GUARD INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., NEW TECH, NavNidhi Metalogs Pvt. Ltd., Andex Fire Works Using our Pin marking machines for their company name, part serial number, ISI Mark, logo, size etc. on Various Fire Safety components.

To know about prices or if you want any kind of marking on your metallic components but confuse to select the machine please call us on +918588867021 you can also fill your details in contact form our application Engineer will call you and give you best solution for your brand marking.
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