Plan your machinery purchase for the “Good Days”!!

We all know the previous government of India did not do much to increase the Industrial Output of India, but things are definitely changing.

The following videos is a must watch and shows how every part of India is being developed for a country wide industrial growth.

It is high time that every factory owner starts planning for their machines. Tach India has also been preparing for the good days and is now offering many new kinds of CNC machinery besides the commonly used CNC turning and CNC Milling Machines.

In order to beat China, we have to opt for smarter ways of manufacturing and optimize of our resource utilization. The best way to start doing that is to visit IMTEX 2015, Bangalore which will give all the knowledge you need about new technologies in machines.

Tach India team will be IMTEX for all seven days and would be happy to meet you and help you in your selection of the machine.

If you have specific queries in mind, write to us.





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