Best Economical CNC Turning machine for small components of OD less than 100 mm

CNC Turning machine for small componentsIn the New Era of manufacturing small and precise components on small Lathe machines “Adda” manufacturers always facing issues of rejections because of accuracy. Now customers are moving towards quality products with accuracy on microns at cheaper prices which is a big challenge to Indian manufacturers from china.
Manufacturer in North India of sanitary brass handles, Telecom Industry connectors and connector pins with OD less than 100 mm & require 3-4 operations need to do different processes on multiple machines which takes double time to make lots.

But as always TACH Launches a New CNC Turning center “FGL135” as a solution to met such requirements In just 7.5 Lakhs, Machine assembled with 5 Inches hydraulic chuck, LM guide ways for faster rapid and accuracy and also CNC Controller with absolute encoders and then you can get all you need – high accuracy of 10 – 15 microns, Economical cost of manufacturing, high production rate.

Best Economical CNC Turning machine No ACE and LMW machine will be able to achieve such productivity at this cost
Quality and reliability of machine has been proved over years by many Companies In Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Delhi and Ludhiana they have been successfully using this machine as replacements of small lathe because of its capacity to do 80% of turning jobs & by getting rid of dependency on skilled lathe workers with higher rate of non-rejections.

If somebody want to get this machine on Loan, various finance companies like Intec capital, Electronica Finance, private banks would ask you for an EMI of 10-15 K for this machine.

All spares and service support is ready available at Emtex North India.

If not sure whether your component can be made on this machine or not, Take our application engineers help totally free. Just share you images of component through watsapp on +919999747294
Let us tell you more about machine

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A CNC Turning Center Machine

When you are looking for a CNC turning center to buy the few most important things worth considering are?

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is the maximum and minimum size of the job that you need to work on?
  3. What material you wish to turn? What is the production requirement per day for the job?
  4. Do you have skills to operate the machine or not?
  5. Will you get the after sales service or not for the machine to be used optimally?
  6. What is the Material of Construction?

Normally a buyer when looking for a CNC turning center gets swayed by the brand or the enticing price without realizing that the choice he made was not ideal for his own requirement. Today in India so many options of CNC machines are available from the most expensive German machines to the most economical machines from China and the first time buyer is mostly confused.

It is always advisable to consult an expert in the field of CNC machining before making the important investment decision when you are looking for a CNC turning center.

Sometimes we buy what is not needed because of the reputation and some time you buy something just because it came in cheap both the situations are not the right choice when you buy your first CNC turning center.

Buying a right CNC turning machine economically should be done with guidance from the experts and with clear understanding of your own requirements.