why Still Lock’s Manufacturing is slow in india…??

Lock manufacturing industry is one of the most important, popular and employment oriented traditional cottage industries in India. Manufacturers using conventional machine which is basically labor dependent and time consuming to manufacture various kinds of locks that Include pad locks, cylindrical locks, mortice locks, door locks and more.

38 % of respondents felt most competitive manufacturers are from foreign they using advance machineries which work on program based controller, machine production is 50 times faster with 0.05 mm accuracy.


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TACH offer Indian lock manufacturers to reconstruct their production status across the globe with Wide range of Advance machineries which are designed for high efficiency, labour – saving with Economical prices which boost up the old traditional methods.

Machines Include:-

  • Automatic drilling
  • Automatic cutting
  • Complete assembly line
  • Automatic Pin hole and cylinder manufacturing

We open the New world for you:-

To know our machines click below link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CstX17qM6z4&index=4&list=PL2gPmzZHqCYpl1Z1iK4y30Fb7b7zmUq41