When the point comes for quality & Production

Sanitary ware Industries in India for the last 6-7 years has shown very dramatic growth with major players doubling their production capacity. The Companies have also upgraded their manufacturing system. These Companies have also upgraded their quality and have introduced high value range in market, which has been accepted and appreciated.
The demand for sanitary ware in India is growing very fast. In order to educate the customers in India to go for quality products and also for higher value sanitary ware. The organized sectors produce fully vitrified sanitary wares, using latest technology and best of Ceramic Raw Materials available in India.

DL-Z450 B - Copy

TACH INDIA Providing opportunity to Indian Manufacturer of unorganized sectors to adopt High quality machines at Economical Prices to upgrade their convention machine. Since the availability of raw material is in abundance and also very cheap in the state of Gujarat & Rajasthan the cost of producing sanitary ware with high production in India is substantially low as compared to the advance countries. Which directly leads to Profit. Manufactures can export their product by availing facilities provided by TACH manufacturing directly to Global World.

Sanitary wares machines Include:-

Manufacturing machines

  • Gravity Die casting machine
  • Heat Core Shooting Machine
  • Vertical Band saw machine

Testing Machines

  • Water seal Tester
  • Housing Tightness Tester